Why Exactly is a Drain Survey Essential For Your convenience? 

What Is A CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drain survey is a valuation of remotely inspecting the status of drain systems with the help of a camera system that captures video footage and other vital data.

CCTV drain survey methodologies and apparatus also checks-out above-ground pipes such as soil stacks, rainwater pipelines, industrial process pipes, storage tanks, and vertical and duct systems.

This type of equipment has become an industry standard, and it is a very cost-effective technique for inspecting and surveying subterranean drains, sewers, and culverts.

CCTV drain audits enable data to be collected safely and rapidly, eliminating the need for operators to enter limited locations to find any underlying issues, which can be dangerous for them and, more importantly, the client.

If you seek CCTV Drain Survey in London, go thoroughly through the article. With a CCTV drain assessment from skilled drain specialists, you can eliminate any guessing regarding what’s causing your blocked drains.

Utilization Of CCTV Surveys?

  • It is used as a remote access technology, allowing data to be collected safely without personnel needing to perform potentially hazardous confined space incursions.
  • CCTV drain surveys are critical components of planned preventive maintenance (PPM) programs, allowing asset owners to manage expenses while avoiding costly drain and pipe breakdowns.
  • They’re utilized to look into drain and sewer issues like clogs, low flow rates, and pollution events.

Inspections Of CCTV Drainage System And Water Jetting

The jet vac tanker delivers high-pressure water to clean the pipelines. It is how a CCTV survey is usually performed. Suppose the channels remain dirty or embedded with any material. In that case, it becomes difficult for a CCTV camera to travel through the pipe and analyze the images that will depict the actual condition of the line.

CCTV drain camera systems are classified into several types.

CCTV Cameras With Robotic Crawlers

Drain specialists survey pipes ranging from 150mm to 2000mm using robotic crawler cameras.

The cameras that are used for this purpose consist of LED lights. Through these lights, the operator records HD quality videos from a console. A CCTV survey Vehicle helps throughout the process.

The Drain Cameras Are Being Pushed Forward.

Drain Engineers take the help of Pushrod cameras. These cameras are beneficial for pipes that have small diameters.

Assessing The Drains And Sewers

The CCTV cameras do quick and direct drain and sewer inspections or checks on the conditions. It is part of the PPM program.

Overview Of CCTV Drain Surveys

 These drain surveys present data to plan any urgent repairs or support a PPM program. A drain system map displays all significant lines and lateral connections and significant assets such as maintenance holes and surface water drains.

CCTV Drain Surveyor

London CCTV drain survey contractor should have the expertise to conduct the necessary survey. They must also:

  • Provide accreditations to demonstrate that they can do the task safely, on time, and to a high standard.
  • They have access to the professional drain services required to execute the CCTV survey, such as jet vac tankers.
  • Utilize cutting-edge software tools to ensure that survey reports are delivered on time, with the correct data, and in the most user-friendly format for clients.

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