Neat Ways to Spice up Your Gaming Setup

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Meta: You can customise your gaming experience with additional aftermarket components. These will improve your rig’s performance and aesthetics.

Electronic gaming is becoming more popular with the rise of several streaming platforms, and it’s no surprise that more and more people are looking to stake their claim in the digital playground. Several gamers with a large following hang on to their every move and strategy on their favourite online games. It’s a burgeoning industry that bears looking into as there’s a lot of possibilities.

For people who wish to enter the gaming niche, one of the most integral investments they have to make is securing an excellent gaming setup. They need to build a gaming rig that fulfils all of their needs because regular desktop models aren’t enough. In addition, they need to secure top-of-the-line processors, an extensive amount of memory, monitors and other peripherals that will make their rig unique and the best one around.

However, you can still improve your setup with a few additions that will certainly spice it up even more. In this article, we’ll look into a few things that will make your gaming setup even better.

Graphics card

A powerful graphics card will help your gaming experience tremendously. Consider buying one that will allow you to multitask, such as surf the net, access graphics rich games such as those found at NetBet or listen to your fave tracks from Spotify without missing a beat. In addition, investing in a top-of-the-line graphics card will make your gameplay even more immersive and smoother, which will allow you to react faster too.


Lighting is an essential component of your gaming room and gameplay. You don’t want to squint because you don’t have enough lighting. You’ll develop eye strain, and it will affect your eyes’ health in the long run. Therefore, it will be great to invest in dimmable lighting fixtures or LED lights to help you see your keys even after long hours of gaming.

Gaming chair 

Gamers know that long hours of playing isn’t good for their backs and overall health. However, if you’re a dedicated gamer, you’ll need to invest in an ergonomic gaming chair that will help ease any backaches. Several gaming chair models also offer spot reflexology and comfortable cushions, so you should look into it.


With some gaming setups requiring two or more monitors, your usual standard mouse pads won’t cut it. Thankfully, there are fully customisable playmats that encompass a larger space. You’ll appreciate that your gaming mouse won’t disengage in the heat of the moment anymore.

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While standard keyboards will cut it for most games, gamers will still choose keyboards that have LED backlighting to help them with their gameplay. Not only will it make your setup look cool, but it will also help you navigate the games better as there are additional features on these new models.

Portable hard drive

While you can still save your files on your hard drive, it’s always better to have a backup handy. With portable hard drives becoming cheaper, you can save your files and even play your games from your drive so your rig won’t lag in performance.


An excellent gaming setup will still need a few more additions to improve its aesthetics and performance. Thankfully, you can fully customise your gaming experience with a few choice aftermarket additions.

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