How to Choose the Best Net Curtains

For optimal window privacy, net curtains are a great choice. They magically allow one to see outside whilst maintaining an impenetrable screen for anyone outside trying to peer in. They let plenty of natural light into a room and are available in various styles for an eye-catching finish. In addition, they’re easy to install, maintain, and are budget-friendly.

With an extensive range of styles to choose from, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by all the choices. When deciding on suitable net curtains for your home, there are a few key points you should consider, including the look you want to achieve, your budget, and aftercare.

Read on for more information about how to select the best net curtains.

What Type of Net Curtain?

There are three main types of net curtain, listed as follows:

Traditional Net Curtains

These offer privacy during the day and allow plenty of light in. They are suitable for most windows and can be customized to fit almost any shape. They come in a range of fabrics, patterns, and colours.

Jardiniere Net Curtains

Jardinières are ready-made net curtains similar to traditional ones in terms of style. They feature a cut-out piece in the middle for an arched effect that allows more light into the room. They are perfect for rooms that receive little natural light.

Café Net Curtains

This type is best suited to kitchen windows, as they are much shorter in length. Café net curtains are often mixed and matched on the top and bottom half of the window to allow light streams to enter the room. With the correct type of poles, they can look stunning and create a fantastic ambience. Café net curtains are perfect for experimenting with styles and shades.

Voile Net Curtains

Voile net curtains are made with sheer, translucent fabric and are available in various colours and patterns. They are woven instead of knitted like traditional net curtains, which gives them a smooth and elegant finish. They can be used on their own or layered over a standard net curtain. Voile net curtains are perfect for large windows that require full-length coverage.

What Is Your Budget?

The style and your window measurements will determine how much your ideal curtains will cost. So next, consider how much net curtain fabric might be required for the type you have in mind.

How Much Fabric Do You Need?

Fabric window dressings are seldom flat, and they nearly always drop in gathered folds. The fuller the material, the more privacy. Generally, two to three times the window width will suffice to conceal the activities inside from outside audiences and create a nice, gathered look.

Measuring for Net Curtains

Measuring your windows for net curtains requires measuring the width and the drop. Use a metal measuring tape and take the measurement twice for the best accuracy. Here’s how:

The Width

To find the width of your net curtains:

  1. Measure the inside of the window’s recess between each wall.
  2. Then for optimal gathering, times that measurement by 2. For example, if your window’s width measures 1.5 metres, for full net curtain coverage, you’ll need a width of 3 metres.

The Length

To measure the drop (or length) of your net curtain:

  1. Start measuring from the top of the window recess to the windowsill or ledge.

Measure for Voile Net Curtains

The best way to measure for Voile net curtains is as follows:

  1. Take the length measurement of the curtain rod.
  2. If it’s attached to the ceiling or wall, ideally it should extend out past the window’s edge by 8 to 12 inches on each side.
  3. Measure the space between the rod if it’s connected between two walls.

The width should be 1.5 or 2 times the rod’s length. It can be up to 2.5 times the rod’s length for sheer or light fabrics.

Net Curtain After Care

Your choice could also come down to whether a particular type is high or low maintenance. Luckily, most modern net curtains are made from machine-washable polyester and are easy to look after. Fragile net or embroidered panels may need to be hand-washed with a detergent made for delicate fabrics. They will then need to be thoroughly rinsed and hung to dry. These types can go in the dryer on an “air dry” or “air fluff” setting then be hung up to finish drying.

Now Over to You to Decide

Traditionally, net curtains not only restrict the view from the outside to the inside of your home but also offer a well-maintained look. They are one of those essential pieces of décor that set the tone of a room.

To help you choose which type of net curtain to go for, you’ll need to determine which style will best suit the theme of your room and the look you want to achieve. Traditional and Jardinière net curtains are great for most windows and rooms. Café net curtains are best suited for shorter windows. Voile curtains are more suitable for a solo or layered with a traditional net curtain look. This makes them perfect for full-length patio doors, for example. Finally, make sure to consider the design details. Options include embroidered or a heavy lace, white, plain, cream, coloured or print fabric.

When buying net curtains from established custom-made net curtain specialists, they’ll be happy to discuss your ideas with you and offer options to help you finalize your decision.


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