How To Choose Art for Each Room of Your Home

Using artwork like canvas prints in your home makes the interiors look more attractive. It has the power to transform your living space and make a dull looking home artistic. Most people choose artwork according to their choice and personality. When you hang a painting on your wall, the eyes of the onlookers fall on it. It becomes the focus point. Art arouses the interest of people and changes the tone of interior decoration in your home. You can use artwork in each room of your house.

Use Art That Appeals to You

Buy art pieces that you love. Each person likes a specific type of painting or artwork according to their personality, choice, and thinking.

  • Browse the artwork for sale in the market or online art stores and see if anything attracts your eyes.
  • Buy a painting or any other piece of art if it inspires you and appeals to your heart.
  • Go through artworks made by different artists and choose the best one.

Use Art That Matches Your Decor

Check the home décor and ambiance of the room you want to use the artwork in. The painting or art you buy should blend naturally with other elements of the room like the lighting, curtains, and the type of furniture you have used.

  • Use art that gives you a pleasant feeling and has a positive effect on the decoration of a room.
  • A bedroom will have a different artwork than a living or dining room.
  • Analyze a room and check if it has a neutral, colorful, or dramatic color scheme. Buy art that matches or contrasts the color of the rest of the room or surroundings.
  • Consider the structure and architecture of a room and then decide which artwork would be the best for it.
  • Choose artwork that is according to the ceiling height of a room.

Use Art of The Right Size

Make sure that you choose artwork of the right size. The size of the painting also plays an important role in the overall impact it will put on your home décor. Check the size of your wall and buy canvas prints according to it. If you are hanging a painting over your bed, keep some distance between the artwork and the bed.

  • Hang a large-sized painting on an empty wall. Place the artwork at an appropriate height.
  • Your painting should have the center point at a place where people can see it. The middle of the artwork should meet your eye level.

Use Landscape and Portraits for The Living Room

You can put up lively art pieces in your living room, the main area where you entertain guests. Display the best artwork in this place. The art should complement the color scheme of your living room.

  • Landscapes, still life, and abstract paintings are suitable for the room.
  • Portraits are the best artwork that you can use.
  • Figurative artwork can make the space reflect a traditional look.
  • Choose large-sized artwork. Use an oversized painting above the sofa.

Use Soft and Soothing Artwork for The Bedroom

The bedroom is the place where you relax and rejuvenate after a day’s hard work. Use calming artwork that has natural colors. Use paintings of soft and soothing colors.

  • Decorate the bedroom with landscapes or abstracts.
  • Avoid putting up artwork in red color in your bedroom. Also, avoid using art in orange color.
  • Artwork that matches the color of the bed and pillows looks great in bedrooms.

Use Artwork of Food Items for The Kitchen

Decorating the kitchen with artwork or paintings is a good idea. However, you need to keep in mind that cooking in the kitchen releases oil, fumes, and smoke into the environment so you should avoid using paintings that have glass. The glass can become greasy and damaged with smoke or moisture so avoid paintings that have glass in the kitchen.

  • You can hang paintings of fruits, vegetables, drinks, and other food items.
  • Landscapes are also a good choice for a kitchen.

Use Floral or Abstract Art in The Bathroom 

It is possible to make the bathroom more aesthetic if you decorate it with art. Soothing paintings will be very good for the room. Choose canvas art with tranquil and peaceful colors and motifs. Blue and green colored artwork is the best.

  • Consider using nature-the med canvases or abstract paintings.
  • Paintings of flowers look good in the bathroom. Such themes add serenity to a room where you have a bath and clean yourself.
  • Make sure that the artwork pieces that you hang in the bathroom do not become damaged by humidity and moisture. Buy moisture-resistant paintings and use them.

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